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The Innovations

A warm welcome to the Energy Observer laboratory, where engineers, researchers and scientists are developing innovations, which will make renewable energies a reality for all.

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Our latest news

    1. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Photo of drone taken from the top of the boat crossing the Corinth Canal

      ‘Haute Couture’ solar panels for Energy Observer

      Energy Observer has been examined with a fine-tooth comb. Every nook of its decks, floats and infrastructure is now fitted with custom photovoltaic panels. A technical conundrum for Hugo Devedeux, on-board engineer who is in charge of the solar component of the experimental catamaran optimization project.
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    2. Saint-Raphaël, FR The Innovations
      Picture of the Helio's Project for drinking water

      HELIO, drinking water for all

      Thierry Carlin, CEO of Marine Tech, has invented Helio, a pragmatic and sustainable system that produces drinking water from all types of water deemed unsafe to drink, anywhere in the world and at minimal cost.
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