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Want to join the movement and contribute to the positive energies carried by Energy Observer?

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Head of Audiovisual Production Paris, France

You will be in charge of managing the whole Energy Observer's audiovisual productions in close collaboration with the General Management and the Communication Department.


1 - On the whole audiovisual department

  • Build an audiovisual strategy in line with the Group's objectives and resources, for the Energy Observer Solutions platform and other types of content (production and distribution on traditional and online networks). Build an operational "content factory"
  • Establish and manage the budget for each production, in compliance with the budgetary commitments of the audiovisual department
  • Closely follow the editorial calendar of Energy Observer through regular editorial committees with the teams concerned in order to anticipate the needs in terms of teams and equipment, and to manage possible outsourcing of productions. Collaborate with all the departments in the preparation phase (advice in terms of content, technique, planning, feasibility, etc.) as well as in the production, promotion and distribution phase of the films
  • In collaboration with the General Management and the Administrative and Financial Management of Energy Observer, ensure the negotiation of contracts (authors and directors, technicians, co-producers, broadcasters, ...) and their administrative and financial follow-up.
  • Negotiate and take out all necessary insurance policies
  • Ensure the storage and archiving of the produced contents, with the adapted tools
  • To ensure a work of watch on the editorial, legal and administrative sectors

2 - Management of the relationship with EO's partner delegated production company (feature-length documentaries)

  • Follow the writing work coordinated by the production company.
  • Assist the production company in the search for complementary public and private funding and the constitution of files (CNC, tax credit, grants, partnerships and co-productions) for the smooth running of the applications and their administrative and financial follow-up
  • Manage relations with broadcasters in liaison with the producer, (TV, platforms...)
  • Follow the production schedule established with the production company
  • Set up strategies for broadcasting documentaries produced on non-commercial networks, in collaboration with the delegate producer.

3 - Internal content production

  • Pilot the internal production, from writing to delivery, of all audiovisual content (Social networks, web contents & series, documentaries, institutional films for public authorities, patrons and sponsors etc...) for use by the Energy Observer Group.
  • Leading and supervising the external and internal team mobilized in the production of audiovisual content
  • Participate in the recruitment of all necessary technicians and collaborators
  • To provide Energy Observer with the best tools for content production (indexed, secure, sound bank, etc.) and storage (indexed still and animated (rush) images, etc.).
  • Closely collaborate with the project's scientists, the communication and partnerships/sponsorship department
  • To ensure the follow-up of the planning and the production, on a daily basis.
  • Set up distribution strategies for documentaries and audiovisual content produced on commercial and non-commercial networks - including festivals, in France and internationally.
  • Ensure the daily exploitation of productions and available materials.
  • Enhance, increase the visibility and notoriety of the Energy Observer Solutions platform.
  • Strengthen the network of broadcasters and media partnerships, in coordination with the communication department.

Profile & background

You have 10 years of experience in the field of management and audiovisual production.

You have a strong experience in writing, creating audiovisual content and an appetite for new formats,

You have all the necessary legal, technical and financial skills and knowledge of the French and European public system for financing audiovisual production.

You are familiar with the world of major international events, both corporate and general public, and master its codes, its practices, and its technical ecosystem.

You have a solid experience in managing multi-skilled and multi-disciplinary teams.

You have the ability to understand the stakes of the energy and ecological transition, to evolve within it and to build partnership relationships with key players.

Soft skills

Great sense of organization, anticipation, stress management and responsiveness to the unexpected.

Creativity, audacity

Capacity for analysis and synthesis

Diplomacy and leadership

Great ease in writing and speaking

Taste for teamwork

Fluent English as a must

If you think you’re the right fit for this position, please send us your CV, cover letter and portfolio both in French and English at : with a signle pdf with your name and mentioning in the email object the reference EO_Resp_Prod_01_2021.

Editorial communication assistant Paris, France

Under the authority of the Communication Director, within the framework of the editorial communication strategy defined by her and in the respect of the visual and graphic identity of Energy Observer and its entities, you assist the 360 Communication Manager on the following missions :


  • Copy preparation, verification and follow-up of translations, proofreading and even rewriting, spelling corrections and typographical harmonization, follow-up of corrections up to the proofreading report
  • Modeling of some documents (via PPT, Indesign or Photoshop)
  • Participation in the implementation of prospecting tools
  • Regular monitoring of the project partners' ecosystem (good use of our charter on digital tools).
  • Search for suppliers for various internal/external productions
  • Participation in the management of the Energy Observer video and photo fund (recording, classification...)
  • ODD monitoring, hydrogen and technologies, help with documentation
  • Creation and sending of the Odyssey and Solutions newsletter
  • Contributions / improvement tasks on our different websites (Odyssey and Solutions)
  • Help with CRM management (contact management and qualification, reporting)

Other ad hoc missions can be added to this job description.


  • Bachelor's degree in journalism, digital communication, media or advertising
  • You are bilingual French/English
  • You demonstrate strong writing skills.
  • You are proficient in office automation tools and DTP software (Indesign, Photoshop).
  • You enjoy working in a team and in an international environment.
  • You have a strong appetite for technological innovations, renewable energies and the web.
  • You are adaptable and have good interpersonal skills, as well as rigor, precision, and organization.

Additional information

  • Salary: according to the profile and previous experience
  • Position to be filled from January 2021
  • 6-month internship or apprenticeship
  • Location: Position mainly based in Paris

To send your application, please send us your CV + cover letter in French and in English (one pdf only in your name) to :, providing the following information reference : EO_ST_01_01_2021.