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Energy Observer’s energy balance

Energy Observer, the first electric vessel powered by hydrogen and renewable energies, has just completed the second chapter of its Odyssey: the Mediterranean Sea. Leaving Saint-Malo in June 2017, this former record-breaking racing boat from the Jules Vernes Trophy has been completely refurbished in a floating laboratory for the energies of the future. Its mission: to sail in all seas and latitudes, to test advanced technologies in extreme conditions thanks to a 6-year around-the-world trip, 50 countries and 101 stopovers.
A view of the front of the boat at sunset

The vessel’s energy architecture, developed in collaboration with CEA Liten engineers, presents a unique combination of technologies in the world. More than a boat, Energy Observer is experimenting in the field with a system that prefigures the energy networks of tomorrow: decentralized, carbon-free and digitalized.

Thanks to a complete hydrogen production chain based on renewable energies, Energy Observer aims to achieve energy autonomy in a round-the-world trip with zero greenhouse gas emissions, zero fine particles and zero noise. A human and technological challenge, to prove that the ecological transition is underway.

After 10,326 nautical miles and 16 months of sailing, it is time for the first energy and technology assessment. A positive assessment and above all an unprecedented offshore experience that will make it possible to optimise and test new clean and sustainable energy solutions on board this constantly evolving floating laboratory.

Diagrams explaining the energy balance

With 16 months’ experience at sea, the crew is now preparing to take up a new challenge: Northern Europe. 4 months of work will be required to optimize each technological brick of the ship and install a new and innovative propulsion system, never before tested on such a large scale on a boat, in partnership with the naval architecture firm VPLP design.

Energy Oberver will return to sea in March, in order to continue its life-size experiment, continue to inspire and demonstrate that the energy transition is underway.