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Through expeditions and innovations, Energy Observer is exploring practical solutions whilst developing new technologies to accelerate ecological transition

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Guadeloupe, FR 16°10'08.0"N 61°46'53.0"W The Odyssey
Two men diving

Cousteau Reserve, Guadeloupe

The crew discovers Cousteau in a somewhat "stony" way, but still clinging to his cap. A dive like a nod to Calypso's odysseys.

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The interconnection of the ecosystems at the mercy of mankind

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Saint-Barthélemy, FR 17°57'26.5"N 62°54'16.6"W The Odyssey
Energy Observer's crew visiting the island

Île Fourchue, Saint-Barthélemy

Katia Nicolet, a doctor of biology on board our vessel, deciphers how the species on this islet have adapted to extreme conditions in order to survive.

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Taking inspiration from nature: ecosystemic redundancy

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Paris, FR The Innovations

The challenges of the REXH2

While the crew of Energy Observer continues to navigate the Atlantic without being able to set foot on land, another team is holding its breath: that of Energy Observer Developments (EODev), whose REXH2 is currently sailing on the first hydrogen vessel around the world.
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Guadeloupe, FR 16°20'43.1"N 61°35'58.0"W The Odyssey
Picture of Fajou Island

Îlet Fajou, Guadeloupe

We are preparing to explore these open ocean forests, which protect humans from natural disasters, hurricanes and tsunamis, and are an incredible refuge for biodiversity.

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Fort de France, Martinique The Innovations

Appraisal of a transatlantic passage in solitude

Energy Observer’s first transatlantic passage, from Finistère to Martinique, served as a test bed for this year’s key innovations in renewable energies aboard the floating laboratory.
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LibertyKite Testing at sea

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Fort-de-France, FR 14°60.25'N 61°05.40'O The Odyssey
Energy Observer is in front of the Diamond Rock in Martinique

Fort-de-France, Martinique

Setting sail from Saint-Malo, the journey of around 5,000 nautical miles took just over 30 days, during which time it was totally self-sufficient in terms of energy, with no CO2 or fine particle emissions.

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Fort de France, FR The Innovations
Energy Observer crew is outside of the boat

Energy Observer, an ambassador of alternative solutions

The vessel is at the halfway point of the first transatlantic crossing using renewable energies and hydrogen. An “anniversary” that comes in a difficult global context. Interview with Victorien Erussard and Jérôme Delafosse.
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Praia, CV 14°54'42.6"N 23°30'22.9"W The Odyssey
A beach in Cabo Verde

Praia, Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a biodiversity refuge for many marine species. Our ship is at anchor for two days for a well-deserved break before sailing due west across the Atlantic. Here again, it is impossible to set foot on land with the strict sanitary conditions.

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