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About us

The team

Aboard the boat, skippers and bosuns guide the expedition embarked on by this extraordinary vessel; mechanics, technicians and engineers ensure the on-board systems perform well, whilst the reporters and cameramen document the stopovers and share Energy Observer’s encounters with advocates for change.

Over time, the Energy Observer project has become a genuine advocate for change by creating its own research and development firm, Energy Observer Developments. Its objective? To use these years of navigational expertise and the knowledge acquired by its engineers to design, assemble and distribute zero-emission energy systems on an industrial scale.

Here, where the vessel is testing these technologies in extreme conditions, EODev (Energy Observer Developments) is responsible for rolling them out on a grand scale, thus making them accessible to all.

The leader of the expedition

  • Victorien Erussard

    Captain and founder

    There is no lack of information on Victorien's exemplary career, yet it is not easy to paint a portrait of him: in barely 40 springs, it is difficult to summarize his life in a leaflet. Born with his feet in the water of the corsair city (Saint-Malo), his beginnings in sport sailing are just like the rest of the story: punchy and passionate.

    With a Route du Rhum at the age of 26 that ended on the podium in a Multi50 (whereas he had not spent a single night at sea in a racing boat before!), his career as a top-level athlete got off to a strong start. Even if the call of the open sea would make him sail for many years with an impressive list of achievements, a more pressing call would make him change course: that of the planet, in perdition both on land and at sea. Sketches of the project that will become Energy Observer date back to 2013, with several developments before becoming the renewable energy and hydrogen laboratory ship we know today.

Offshore team


  • Marin Jarry looks at the camera

    Marin Jarry

    Shipping Director and Second in command

  • Jean-Baptiste smiles with binoculars in front of him

    Jean-Baptiste Sanchez


  • George looks at the horizon with the cockpit of the boat in the background

    George Conty


  • David on the boat's nacelle looks at the horizon

    David Champion



  • Luc Bourserie

    Systems Engineer

  • Vincent Reynaud

    Systems engineer

Scientists & Reporters

  • Agathe Roullin

    On-board reporter

  • Mélanie De Groot Van Embden

    On-board reporter

  • Beatrice Cordiano

    Expert in sustainable development and energy

Ashore team


  • Manuela Rouault

    Administrative and Financial Director


  • Margaux Prigent

    Editorial and Brand Manager

  • Bérénice Lucas

    Digital marketing Manager

Institutional, events and partner relations

  • Portrait of Gérard Rumen

    Gérard Rumen

    Logistics Manager

  • Lou Scherpereel

    Institutional Relations Manager

  • Louise Motury

    Partner relations and event officer

Audiovisual production

  • Fabienne Calimas

    Production Director


Management and Finance

  • Jérémie Lagarrigue


  • Sang Luc

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Alexandre De Rodellec

    Head of Corporate Finance & Development

Commercial, marketing & communication team

  • Stéphane Jardin

    Commercial Director

  • Thibaut Tallieu

    Marketing & communication director

  • Frédéric Ferrero

    Business Development –Mediterranean Division

Technical Team

  • Hugo Devedeux

    R&D Engineer

  • Balthazar Deguine

    Project Manager STSH2

Godfather and godmother

  • Nicolas Hulot

    Nicolas Hulot, Former Minister, founder of the Foundation for Nature and Mankind and Energy Observer Godfather

    "Energy Observer is more than just a boat; it is a demonstrator and collector of solutions. It designs a future that has already begun. A long-term and evolving project that wishes to create a wave of positive energies."

  • Florence Lambert

    Florence Lambert, director of the CEA and Energy Observer Godmother

    "Today, energy is experiencing a true revolution by integrating an increasingy number of renewable energies with different vectors: electricity, heat, and hydrogen. There are real technical challenges in connecting these fluxes, and it is even more ambitious to try this on a vessel. Therefore, Energy Observer is a foreshadowing of tomorrow's energy networks on earth."