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About us

Our mission

Through a bold and inquisitive approach, Energy Observer is linking together worlds which all too often ignore one other: we are both explorers and entrepreneurs, sailors and engineers, idealists and realists. We think about change, we document it, we are a mouthpiece for green innovation among political decision-makers and manufacturers, whilst laying down a gauntlet for change by ensuring that we rank among today’s movers and shakers.

Our Odyssey across the world enables us to explore, learn about and search for new ways of improving our way of life using a constructive and optimistic approach.
We are focusing on all the energies, which have the potential to improve our world: from the renewables offered to us by our planet, to those of the pioneers we meet along the way.

In this way, more than a vessel, Energy Observer is a movement and a means for exploring positive energies!

Picture view of the Energy Observer team is in Svalbard

Innovations to accelerate energy transition

Energy Observer is a laboratory where engineers, researchers and scientists are developing innovations, which will make renewable energies a reality for all. With this in mind, we put to the test the latest, cutting-edge technologies in terms of hydrogen, batteries, solar and wind power and hydroelectricity production in the most demanding and at times hostile environment known to man: the ocean. These are tried-and-tested technologies optimised over the course of a voyage spanning more than 20,000 nautical miles. The variety and diversity of renewable energies are central to resilient zero-carbon energy systems developed by our engineers with the support of our manufacturing partners..

The development of reliable, sustainable, noise-free, affordable energy solutions forms the nub of the challenges faced by our odyssey.

A journey of exploration into the initiatives changing our world

We sail around the world, stopping off at a number of iconic cities along the way, where we get to meet the women and men who are devoting their energy to the creation of sustainable solutions for a more harmonious world. France’s first ambassador for the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, our mission is to raise awareness amongst the widest possible audience about the challenges of ecological transition.

Picture of Energy Observer facing petrochemicals pollution

In this way, the boat and her crew will create a narrative about this voyage around the world through an educational travelling exhibition, exclusive documentaries and educational digital content (“Energy Observer Solutions” articles, short films and web series)” - a digital showcase for an ecosystem of committed protagonists across the world – and live footage, taking us on an epic weekly journey to discover as many new and practical solutions as possible.

  • Picture of the Energy Observer's crew  in Makker Wadden
  • Picture of children playing in the forest
  • Jérôme meeting a woman for the future of Amsterdam
  • Picture of Energy Observer sailing in Northern Europe

“Through this unique Odyssey, we want inspire people so as to raise awareness more widely, to prove that man can live in harmony with nature and that ecological transition is paving the way forward to a new paradigm shift.”

Jérôme Delafosse, Expedition leader and film director