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The Innovations

A warm welcome to the Energy Observer laboratory, where engineers, researchers and scientists are developing innovations, which will make renewable energies a reality for all.

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Our latest news

    1. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Roland Reynaud working on the boat

      High-tech plumbing for Energy Observer

      Energy Observer takes care of the details. The experimental catamaran optimizes all its systems to improve its performance as well as the crew’s comfort. Explanations by Roland Reynaud, the on-board engineer.
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    2. North Sea The Innovations

      The electric consumption of the life on board

      Do you know how much energy is consumed for a coffee? A tea? Preparing a pizza for 6 people? We tend to forget it, but each gesture of daily life, however simple it may be, requires energy, and often much more than we think!
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    3. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Picture of a EO member in front of the EMS

      The EMS: Energy management system

      This is the brain of the vessel’s energy supply. Combining multiple intermittent renewable energy sources and storage is one thing. Optimising their use to propel the boat and ensure the crew’s comfort is another! This is where the Energy Management System (EMS) comes in.
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    4. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      The interior of the central gondola with the kitchen on the left, the monitoring in the middle and the workspace on the right

      Another step forward in 2019: thermal storage

      To avoid losing the energy dissipated as heat, the Energy Observer engineers installed a recovery system for the heating and hot water used in the living quarters nacelle.
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    5. Balearic Islands, SP The Innovations
      Picture of Energy Observer in Menorca

      Saint-Tropez – Balearic Islands: fast and low cost sailing

      Energy Observer’s Late Morning Departure on Thursday, August 16 from Saint-Tropez and arrival this Saturday, August 18 in Menorca, in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands of Spain. Sailing worth 250 nautical miles (460 kilometers) where a pressure drop assisted the demonstrator ship during the crossing.
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    6. Bastia, FR The Innovations
      Energy Observer's crew meet the Myrte Project in Corsica

      MYRTE a terrestrial example of our vessel’s energy system

      Island territories are the best energy-autonomy laboratories. Cut off from the continental grid, and often only having access to reduced infrastructures, they have to handle the variations in electrical production and demand and adapt to the intermittent availability of renewable energies.
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    7. Frosinone, IT The Innovations
      View of Frosione

      Rethinking public lighting

      20% of the world’s electricity production is dedicated to lighting, 13% of which is allocated to public lighting. And with the growing urbanisation of society, demand will only continue to grow. The town of Frosinone took the problem very seriously by replacing all of its light bulbs with LED ones.
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    8. Messina, IT The Innovations
      Responsable of Messina's Harbor

      Discovering tomorrow’s ports

      Ports are often large consumers of fossil energy, even though they are in prime position to benefit from renewable marine energy. Here is a taste of the port of the future imagined by the University of Calabria.
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    9. Golfe de la Revellata, FR The Innovations
      Picture of Energy Observer in Corsica

      The energetic roadmap of the journey Marseille - Corsica

      Having left Marseille on Wednesday 28th of March at 7 pm, Energy Observer arrived in Corsica on Friday 30th of March at 8 am, in the Revellata Gulf. After sailing essentially along coastal lines during the Tour of France, sailing the open seas was a first for the crew, with good weather conditions.
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    10. La Rochelle, FR The Innovations
      Picture of Toyota's green car dealership in La Rochelle

      A Toyota dealership 100% energy autonomous for 7 years

      Ronan Chabot is a rally driver, car dealer and automobile enthusiast. He set himself a crazy challenge some years ago: open, with Toyota, the first Eco-friendly dealership with positive energy in Europe! The challenge is a success. For 7 years, the building has been producing 100% renewable energy.
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    11. El Hierro, SP The Innovations
      Picture of Jérôme in el Hierro

      El Hierro, a pioneer island in the energy transition

      Throughout its world tour, the mission of Energy Observer includes meeting those stakeholders who are innovating for tomorrow by developing effective solutions for the future.
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