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Rethinking public lighting

The Energy Observer team therefore ventured into terrain to discover this very simple but effective policy, which is a genuine example of tomorrow’s city.

View of Frosione

While lighting emits each year 1,900 billion kilos of CO2 in the world, 70 km from Rome, a town decided to light its streets differently. Frosinone, a town of 50,000 inhabitants, replaced 8,300 street lights with new LED lighting, with automatic flow control that allows the lighting to be switched on and off only when necessary.

LEDs - light emitting diodes - consume less than incandescent light bulbs and have a life span of up to 50 times higher, a real advantage in terms of cost but, above all, in terms of impact on the planet.

“Citizens often wonder how much of an impact they can make, on a small scale, by making a change as simple as switching to LED light bulbs. Is this really helpful? The town of Frosinone is an example that shows how a small simple gesture, within everyone’s reach, as long as it is carried out on a large scale, can make a big difference. Willingness is what is needed.”

Victorien Erussard, President, captain and founder
View of Frosione

Indeed, this system, resulting from a close collaboration between the town itself and our partner ENGIE, will allow the town to save no less than 12,408 tons of CO2 between now and 2032, which is equivalent to the emissions of 750 households!

“Frosinone is a virtuous example of “conscientious administration””. The town has embarked on a strategy with ENGIE to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, by proposing practical measures and solutions based on innovation and energy efficiency in favour of the environment.”

Riccardo Braca, technical sales representative at ENGIE Italia

This strategy will also enable the town to fall within the objectives of the action plan for sustainable energy. This is a virtuous example of public authorities gaining awareness and of public and private sectors working together to achieve more harmonious progress.