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The Innovations

A warm welcome to the Energy Observer laboratory, where engineers, researchers and scientists are developing innovations, which will make renewable energies a reality for all.

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Our latest news

    1. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Energy Observer from the front in navigation

      The wind, a challenge for maritime transport

      Wind may be an infinite resource at sea, but its exploitation remains a challenge for large-scale maritime transport. During the first campaigns around France and in the Mediterranean sea, the Energy Observer tested two vertical-axis wind turbines for producing energy, and a traction kite to reduce energy consumption.
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    2. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Energy Observer is lifted by a crane out of the water

      Three months of optimization work for Energy Observer

      Energy Observer has just come out of the water for a three-month technical pause. Three months of work during which the hydrogen powered catamaran will undergo optimizations and transformations before taking up its world tour again next spring.
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