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The first tests of Energy Observer’s traction wing

Energy Observer is the first vessel that can produce its own hydrogen from sea water thanks to a blend of renewable energies. In this energy mix several sources of energy are mobilised. These include wind, thanks to wind turbines, but also to a smart traction wing developed in collaboration with Yves Parlier and his start-up, Beyond the Sea.

Picture of Energy Observer kite test

On board of Energy Observer, the traction kite will have several different functions:

  • Increasing the boat’s speed
  • Reducing the vessel’s energy consumption
  • Converting the electric engines into hydrogenerators

During the first series of tests, the crew tried three types of wings : a 16m2 wing, a 35m2 wing and a Liberty Kite.

The first tests were a success, but there is still a long way to go. All through the adventure, Energy Observer will act as a laboratory for this promising technology which, over time, could help reduce energy consumption in world sea transport.

“The little 16m2 wing was pulling us along, and brought us up to 3.8 knots without the engine. Imagine with 50m2, I think we could have gone up to 8 knots in the same conditions.”

Victorien Erussard, President, Captain and Founder

“The conditions were ideal, with sunshine and wind. For us it was the opportunity to try out the Beyond the Sea kites and make progress with the launching and steering techniques, before we tackle large cargo ships.”

Yves Parlier, Beyond the Sea President