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Explore and experiment: Jérôme Delafoss‪e‬ in "Sismique" podcast

Beyond shortcuts, short-term and simplistic thinking, postures and beliefs, Sismique is a French podcast presented by Julien Devaureix, which gives a voice to those who think about the complexity of the world, to those who explore the forces at work and their stakes, to those who are already in action to prepare for tomorrow; for short, to all those who can help us find the beginning of the answer to these essential questions... to help us act in conscience.

"On board, I have witnessed closely the paradoxes of the energy transition"

Jérôme Delafosse, co-leader of Energy Observer, was the guest of this new Sismique episode.

He talks about energy transition, the need to experiment, those who try new things around the world and his personal thoughts about our world in transition.