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"Un bol d'air" with Victorien Erussard

Victorien Erussard, Captain and Founder of Energy Observer, was the guest of "Un Bol d'air", a French podcast animated by Pierre-Arnaud Destremeau (in French only).

The greatest victories are those that make sense

In this episode, Victorien Erussard tells us about his debuts in ocean racing competition where he went from podium to podium during more than 10 years (Route du Rhum, Jacques Vabre transatlantic, Québec Saint-Malo...), which gradually brought him to new horizons. It is during one of those races, right in the middle of the Atlantic, that he realized that the greatest victories are those that make sense.

A few months later, he began building Energy Observer, the first vessel only powered by renewable energies and hydrogen.

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#60 - Victorien ERUSSARD - Energy Observer, sailing across the world thanks to hydrogen

"It's an incredible technologic adventure which absolutely necessary" 👀

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