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Faced with the necessity to devise ways of reducing the environmental impact of sea transport, VPLP design has taken Oceanwings®, a high-performance technical solution which the design firm developed for the America’s Cup, and adapted it to the needs of commercial shipping. Indeed, ships carry 90 % of all trade across the globe and, as a result, play a major role in the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Oceanwings® is an automated and reefable soft wing sail that outperforms conventional rigging by a ratio of two to one. Designed to supplement a vessel’s main propulsion units (ideally electric motors), this auxiliary “wind engine” constitutes the kingpin of the hybrid ship propulsion systems of the future.

Energy Observer is a platform for demonstrating the potential of tomorrow’s fuel-free solutions, and Oceanwings® is the obvious choice for ensuring the success of its transoceanic capabilities. Using energy derived from natural sources that are free and available everywhere is Energy Observer’s promise to future generations.