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In its mission to accelerate innovation and transformation, Visiativ shares with the Energy Observer founders the desire to speed up the energy transition.

To act on the climate, it is crucial to develop disruptive innovations. Visiativ is positioning itself as a key player in this magnificent human and technological adventure to engage its employees and customers in the energy transition.

As part of this partnership, ABGI, Visiativ's consulting subsidiary, has also provided its know-how to help financing the innovation to the Energy Observer teams.

As hydrogen is definitely one of the most promising solutions for the future, Visiativ is strengthening its commitment to the sector by becoming an official supporter of the Energy Observer's round-the-world Odyssey until 2024.

“As an accelerator of innovation and transformation, it was natural for Visiativ and its teams to take part in this magnificent human and technological adventure. This fabulous project embodies the changes needed on a global scale, which will create industrial challenges and jobs. Today, hydrogen economy projects are flourishing in all sectors, particularly in the world of industry. Like the founders of the Energy Observer, we want to involve our ecosystem in the energy transition and be the partner of the companies that will build a sustainable society.”

Laurent Fiard, CEO of Visiativ