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In order to carry out its mission of renewable energy promotion and awareness-raising concerning the issues of energy transition, Energy Observer will be backed by UNESCO. UNESCO’s representatives will be associated with the development and the execution of the mission, through their direct integration within Energy Observer’s steering committees.

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Throughout its entire 7-year world trip, Energy Observer will be able to rely on the support of the institution and its representa- tives in several areas:

  • promotion of renewable energies to meet energy, climate and sustainable development challenges,
  • diffusion of educational content produced by energy observe to the unesco school network worldwide,
  • raising awareness of the need to preserve the natural marine heritage, particularly during stopovers in UNESCO biosphere reserves.

A promising and ambitious partnership which materialised during the Tour of France with a stopover in the Biosphere Reseve on the island of El Hierro (Spain), for the documentary series "Energy Observer, the Odyssey for the Future".