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Alexseal is a leading brand in the market for high quality yacht coatings and is owned by German paint specialist Mankiewicz.


Traditionally rooted in the field of interior coatings for aviation, automotive and general industry, Mankiewicz continuously expanded its advanced technology to new business areas. Alexseal offers a complete system of premium paint products specifically designed for substrates such as carbon and fiberglass.

In the realm of environmental protection and sustainability Alexseal is committed to continually improving overall product performance by exceeding global standards and observing legal requirements worldwide. This in combination with the system’s gloss, longelivety and protection capabilities makes Alexseal an optimal partner for the Energy Observer project and its unique requirements.

Alexseal supplied both exterior and interior paint. The portfolio encompassed all products from fairing to topcoats including clear coat with antiskid applied on the solar panels. The bottom of the vessel is painted with an innovative and ground-breaking alternative to regular anti-fouling that is harmless to underwater life and ensures a clean hull in all waters.