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      Tangier, Morocco

      To top off its Mediterranean tour, Energy Observer is stopping over in Morocco. An important technical stopover before setting course for the north to reach the port of Lisbon. The team took the opportunity to meet the children of Tangier.

      Coming from: Valencia, Spain

      Time of arrival: 2:30 AM

      Energy Observer with Tangier in background

      After 5,800 nautical miles around the Mediterranean, Energy Observer arrived at Tanja Marina Bay in Tangier on the 9th of September.

      The boat with Tangier in background

      A busy agenda

      On the agenda: maintenance work on the hydrogen compressors, checking the available areas on the bridge which will house new solar panels on the winter work site. “These stopovers are important, says Jean-Baptiste Sanchez, second captain. Our vessel is experimental. It is in perpetual evolution and has been sailing in an especially intense manner since its launch. Since its departure from Saint-Malo, Energy Observer has logged over 9,600 nautical miles.”

      While part of the team was on board the vessel, our second captain, Marin Jarry, and our reporter on board, Amelie Conty, had the pleasure of presenting Energy Observer to CM1 and CM2 classes at Adrien Brechet school.

      On the occasion, the students attended the first “avant-première” in public of the documentary series The Odyssey for the future, realized by Jérôme Delafosse, Expedition Leader, and soon available on Planète+.

      • Marin and Amélie present Energy Observer to students at Adrien Brechet School
      • Marin and Amélie present Energy Observer to students at Adrien Brechet School
      • A woman is writing on a piece of paper and there are children around her watching

      The team also welcomed some students from the Henry Wallon primary school aboard the vessel of the future. Two outstanding moments that meant more for the students than for our team.

      • Pupils from the Henry Wallon school visit the boat
      • Pupils from the Henry Wallon school visit the boat

      To highlight Morocco’s ecological initiatives, around ten subjects will be filmed in the coming weeks and presented at the launch of our web series next November. Some well-known projects from the Moroccan Association for Sustainable Environment, were exchanged with us on the vessel.

      With a twinge of regret, the Energy Observer team has left Tangier to face the Atlantic. In effect, this stopover marks the end of our tour of the Mediterranean basin, which has been rich in encounters and discoveries: 12 countries, 20 stopovers, four 52-minute documentaries and around thirty mini news stories for the internet.

      The next stop is Lisbon, where the public will be able to discover – or rediscover – our vessel, as well as the project running from the 21st to the 30th of September in our exhibition “village of the future.”


      Zineb’s Gardens, an inclusive kitchen garden

      This is part of Energy Observer Solutions, the platform for pioneers committed to transforming the world. To learn more, please visit our dedicated website.

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      About the Gardens of Zineb

      From 2 hectares of arid land, Zineb has created a lush oasis where diversity prevails over profusion. Her methodology: permaculture, observation and being in tune with nature. The concept defended by Zineb comprises a clever mix of respect for the land, the safeguarding of community-based traditions and personal development. Everyone is invited to share mealtime with the five families who work on the farm, train in permaculture and do some ‘woofing’, which involves living and working on organic farms. Convinced of the place’s baraka (‘blessing’), she cultivates sustainability both out in the fields and in bodies and minds.