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      Tallinn, Estonia

      After an intense rhythm of events in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Stockholm, the team began a second phase of its Odyssey in Northern Europe. The thousands of enthusiastic visitors during the stopovers will give way to thousands of miles during long journeys to reach the Arctic Circle in August.

      Coming from: Helsinki, Finland

      Time of arrival: 4:30 AM

      Picture of Energy Observer in Tallin, Estonia

      Tallinn is now a major stopover in the Gulf of Finland. Estonia’s capital, the most digitalised country in the world, is also an organic farming model, with nearly 20% of its agricultural land cultivated in accordance with an eco-responsible model and placing the country in Europe’s second place, just behind Austria. Tallinn, whose old town is one of Energy Observer’s partners, UNESCO, World Heritage Site, will be the last European stopover before St Petersburg.

      • Jérôme meets Tallin's Mayor onboard
      • Jérôme and Victorien talking to Tallin's Mayor
      • Victorien meets Tallin's mayor onboard

      The Spitsbergen challenge

      Energy Observer will soon switch to intensive navigation mode, with more than 2400 nautical miles to go before leaving the Baltic Sea and heading towards the Spitsbergen, this year’s Northern European highlight. The passage through the White Sea has long been considered, because it is much shorter (1700 miles) and unprecedented. But the uncertainties and constraints of a passage on low-traffic inland waterways, with many locks and regulated canals, finally got the better of this project. Energy Observer needs space, to develop its new wings and their hydro-electric production potential, with wind and waves, to prepare for next year’s major ocean crossings. At the end of June, an intense learning phase will therefore begin, which should enable all the embedded technological bricks to work in perfect synergy in order to reach the Arctic Circle on time whatever the weather!

      Instagram media post

      Energy Observer is blessed by nature on a daily basis since arriving in Northern Europe. As we are getting closer to the summer solstice, we have been sailing through a constellation of Finnish islands under an incredible midnight sun.

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