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      Singapore, our first major event stop in Asia! After 17 days of sailing from Lombok in Indonesia, our ship and our exhibition village were finally together for the first time in over two years.

      Coming from: Lombok, Indonesia

      Weather conditions: Cloudy

      Time of arrival: 9:00 AM

      Land temperature: 28°C

      Travelled distance: 1 577 NM

      Hydrogen storage level:

      The ship and the village together again

      Our crew was welcomed in Singapore by the shore team, which had arrived a few days earlier. Our ship docked at the ONE °15 Marina in Sentosa Cove, for a stopover from March 10 to 20, 2022. The ship will be accompanied by its educational exhibition village to raise awareness of the issues of energy and ecological transition.

      Instagram media post

      🇬🇧 ONBOARD | Energy Observer has arrived in #Singapore for the 70th stopover of our round-the-world #Odyssey!

      🌊 After sailing for 17 days from Lombok in #Indonesia and covering 1,577 nautical miles, our laboratory vessel docked this morning at the @one15marina marina in Sentosa Cove for a stopover from March 10th to 20th 2022.

      👥 Our pedagogical exhibition village, which aims to inspire all audiences about the #energy and #ecological transition, will be open to the general public on March 19th and 20th.

      👉 Online registration [link in bio]

      📷: @melaniedgve & George Conty

      #energyobserver #exploringpositiveenergies #energytransition #ecologicaltransition #odyssey #world #expedition #asia #transport #maritime #decarbonization #lowcarbon #solutions #innovations

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      Exploring the transition of shipping industry

      Singapore is at the heart of immense challenges for the energy transition, while many alternative fuel solutions are being tested by the shipping industry. Singapore is looking to develop and deploy low carbon technology solutions. Our captain Victorien Erussard went to discover these innovations.

      “We are very proud and happy to welcome Energy Observer’s stopover in Singapore. Energy Observer’s expedition around the world as a voice for Green innovations to improve our world is both ambitious and inspirational. This is the first time that Singapore welcomes a hydrogen-powered and zero-emission vessel, and it speaks of the aspiration we have as a global hub port to welcome more of such low or zero carbon vessels””

      Miss Quah Ley Hoon, Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

      Celebrating French culture

      The launch of the Festival de la Francophonie coincides with the arrival of the Energy Observer in the city-state. Organized by the Group of Ambassadors of the Francophonie in Singapore which gathers about 20 countries, the festivities take place from March 10 to 28 and gather this year 18 programs under the theme of sustainable development, biodiversity preservation, impact of climate change and respect of the environment.


      The arrival in Singapore of the Energy Observer is the opening event of the festival and takes place in the presence of Ms. Quah Ley Hoon, Director General of the Maritime and Port Authority.

      Raise awareness among the youngest

      Raising awareness of all audiences, especially the youngest, to the challenges of a more desirable future and sustainable development has been an integral part of our Odyssey since its inception.

      We are very happy to have received many students on board our ship and in our exhibition village during our stopover in Singapore, especially from the French high school in Singapore, as well as students invited by the Jane Goodall Institute.

      At a time when the latest IPCC report urges us to reduce our CO2 emissions in the long term and puts forward concrete solutions to achieve this, raising awareness and mobilizing the younger generation is a key issue!


      Our host partners

      French Embassy in Singapore

      • Logo French Embassy in Singapore

      ONE°15 Marina

      • Logo One 15 Marina

      Sentosa Cove

      • Logo Sentosa Cove Singapore