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      Saranda, Albania

      Energy Observer stopped in Saranda, Albania, on June 26 and 27.

      Coming from: Ithaque, Grèce

      Time of arrival: 9:30 AM

      Energy Observer moored with the town of Sarande next door

      A journey powered by a fuel cell

      The 3-day journey between Athens and Sarande took place under 80% average cloud cover, which allowed the fuel cell to efficiently take over electricity production using the hydrogen produced by electrolysis of the sea water, and thus to propel the boat to the port of Saranda.

      Albania, a country with numerous energy reserves

      The country has a large potential for renewable energy that it is gradually beginning to exploit, as well as being its preferred source of clean energy for the past several years: hydroelectricity. In 2013, the country was producing 75% of its electricity this way, thanks to its 1.5 GW hydroelectric capacity, provided mainly from three plants on the Drin river, at Fierzë, Komani and Vau I dejës. Despite the threats to biodiversity, hydroelectric energy is the best way for the country to achieve a clean energy mix.