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      Salerno, Italy

      Energy Observer stopped in Salerno, south of Naples, for a few days, at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, for its 27th and final Italian stop of the Mediterranean voyage.

      Coming from: Bari, Italy

      Time of arrival: 5:30 AM

      Energy Observer sails alongside the boat with the land in the background

      Following its stopover in Bari and after passing the Strait of Messina, Energy Observer docked at the Marina d’Arechi where the crew received a warm welcome.

      “We are very pleased to have welcomed this futuristic vessel representing an experiment towards sustainable energy policy research to Marina d’Arechi. We share the same values, Marina d’Arechi being labelled a blue port and holding many environmental certifications.”

      Agostino Gallozzi, President of the Marina d’Archechi

      Energy Observer’s presence raised awareness among the public as well as yacht owners, captains and crews, many of whom came to learn about the technologies on board and talk to the crew. The general enthusiasm for the project is a daily motivation for the team in its work to raise awareness and share the values promoted by Energy Observer.

      During this stopover, the crew was able to maintain the boat and produce the necessary hydrogen. A mini-village set up on the docks enabled port users to learn about the expedition and the technologies on board with teaching materials that now accompany the vessel on each stopover.