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      Saint-Malo, France

      It is in its home port that Energy Observer will be launched for the first time, after a refit of several months in the corsair city which will have mobilized all the Energy Observer team as well as engineers from CEA-Liten. An exceptional event which marks the beginning of our odyssey around the world.

      Coming from: Saint-Malo, France

      Weather conditions: Cloudy

      Time of arrival: 1:00 PM

      Hydrogen storage level:

      At the launch, Energy Observer is equipped with all the latest technologies, including bi-facial heterojunction solar panels, vertical wind turbines and a control system using automatons comprising over 1,500 sensors and hundreds of alarms.

      Of the boat that secured the Jules Verne Trophy in the hands of Sir Peter Blake in the last century, all that’s left are the hulls, which have been transformed into a genuine floating laboratory. The crew, which includes two to three on-board engineers, now has at its disposal a vast central cell brought to life by the touchscreens that run all the systems. It’s a whole new adventure for a legendary boat.

      • Drone view of Energy Observer before the launch
      • Energy Observer before the launch
      • A crowd came to attend the launch of Energy Observer
      • First sailing of Energy Observer in Saint-Malo

      A highly symbolic birth

      For Victorien Erussard, captain of our vessel, this day will surely be one of the most important of his life. He became a father for the second time the same morning that Energy Observer was launched for the first time.

      The birth of the youngest crew member, his son Georges, occurred only a few hours before the first moments of Energy Observer in the waters of its home port. Strong emotions lived by all the crew and shared in this video.