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      Île Fourchue, Saint-Barthélemy

      Katia Nicolet, a doctor of biology on board our vessel, deciphers how the species on this islet have adapted to extreme conditions in order to survive.

      Coming from: Îlet Fajou, Guadeloupe

      Weather conditions: Sunny

      Time of arrival: 9:00 AM

      • Energy Observer's crew visiting the Île Fourchue
      • Our cameraman is taking pictures
      • Energy Observer's crew visiting l'Ile Fourchue
      • Picture of a cactus

      Looking for Sargassum

      On the way to the Île Fourchue, off the island of Montserrat, a huge sargassum raft! These algae, a veritable scourge when they arrive on the coast, prove to be, at sea, an astonishing source of biodiversity. Jérôme Delafosse and Francine Kreiss decide to dive underneath and discover an atmosphere never seen before: it is almost dark in the middle of the slick while the sun is shining brightly on the surface. Never before seen images.

      • Picture - Energy Observer crossing a seagrass bank
      • Jérôme diving under seagrass