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      Mykonos, Greece

      Between Samos and Athens, Energy Observer made a stopover in Mykonos to raise awareness of the challenges of energy transition and environmental preservation.

      Coming from: Samos, Greece

      Weather conditions: Sunny

      Time of arrival: 8:00 AM

      Land temperature: 25°

      Travelled distance: 600 km

      Water temperature: 20°

      While in Mykonos, Energy Observer took part in an ecological initiative. Working in partnership with the local authorities and local volunteers, especially the younger ones, the crew took part in a waste collection campaign, both on land and underwater. This action helped clean up the beach and harbor, while raising awareness among the island's inhabitants and visitors of the importance of protecting marine ecosystems.


      Dozens of bags of garbage were removed from the environment, including plastics, abandoned fishing nets and other detritus harmful to marine life. This initiative highlighted the importance of local action in the fight against ocean pollution. The Energy Observer crew, alongside local volunteers, demonstrated that simple, collective gestures can have a significant impact.

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