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      Morro Bay, CA, USA

      On her journey along the west coast of the United States, Energy Observer stopped off at Morro Bay. A stopover marked by a meteorological halt, as violent winds and an impressive swell swept the waters off the Californian coast.

      Coming from: Los Angeles, CA, USA

      Weather conditions: Windy

      Time of arrival: 10:00 AM

      Land temperature: 18°

      Travelled distance: 325 km

      Water temperature: 12°

      Morro Bay, nestled along California's central coast, is an iconic destination where nature blends harmoniously with tranquil city life. Its most famous attraction is undoubtedly Morro Rock, an enormous volcanic rock that rises majestically from the ocean, creating a spectacular panorama.

      This seaside town is also renowned for its unspoilt beaches, varied water sports and abundant wildlife. Visitors can observe a wide variety of seabirds, explore salt marshes and estuaries.