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      Mayotte, France

      After 840 nautical miles, a lot of sun, a few rain squalls, some current with and against us, spectacular skies, technical worries, and a change of route: the crew has arrived in Mayotte!

      Coming from: Mahé, Seychelles

      Weather conditions: Sunny

      Time of arrival: 10:50 AM

      Travelled distance: 840. NM

      Energy Observer heading to Mayotte

      A change of route

      Heading towards Zanzibar, our laboratory vessel had to change her route during its crossing to Tanzania.

      The cause: a technical issue and unfavorable weather conditions, making the direct route to Mayotte the best option for our energy strategy. Arrived at the Aldabra atoll 600 nautical miles from Mahé, our catamaran headed south towards the archipelago of Mayotte, a French department, located between Madagascar and the Mozambique coast.

      Change of route for Energy Observer

      A few technical issues

      Our catamaran was supposed to go to Tanzania. Yet, the lack of wind, and the extreme heat, have damaged our communication loop between the different systems, which resulted in many blackouts, loss of propulsion engines, and the boat drifting.

      Luc, our systems engineer, measuring the tension of our onboard solar panels

      “I decided to change course and turn left at Aldabra Island to find refuge in Mayotte, where it would be easier to work on our systems and receive spare parts needed on board.”

      Jean-Baptiste Sanchez, Captain
      Jean-baptiste Sanchez, Captain of Energy Observer

      9 days at sea...

      9 days at sea, on a mild Indian ocean, sometimes pushed, sometimes slowed by playing winds and currents.

      9 days at sea, under spectacular skies and starry nights like nowhere else on land.

      9 days at sea, during which the landlubber finds his marine rhythm, and flirts with the Italian style.

      The Aldabra atoll and its curious birds will be the witnesses of our tacking.

      • Energy Observer in the Indian Ocean
      • David and Beatrice conducting the watch
      • Curious birds following Energy Observer
      • Our crew heading for Mayotte
      • David and Beatrice holding an Italian lesson on board
      • David and Beatrice holding an Italian lesson on board
      • Agathe and David enjoying the view

      “Tanzania is moving away. Mayotte is already appearing. Here we are.”

      Agathe Roullin, onboard reporter
      Energy Observer arrives in Mayotte

      Hello Mayotte!

      Warm welcome by the SNSM

      Upon our arrival, we welcomed onboard a marine pilot, that guided us through the lagoon, thanks to the SNSM who kindly came to drop him on board (with his wife, a journalist for Le Journal de Mayotte) at the entrance of the lagoon, north of Grande-Terre.

      Energy Observer's arrival in Mayotte

      They escorted us until our arrival, which was nice because they were able to visit the vessel in turn. The SNSM being all volunteers, it's nice to be able to give a little time to those who give it to others!

      Introducing Energy Observer to Mayotte's sailors

      Our catamaran dropped anchor in front of Dzaoudzi, on the side of Petite-Terre, and its sailing club (ACHM), where our captain Jean-Baptiste Sanchez was able to present our project to about fifty sailors from Mayotte.

      Energy Observer conference at the sailors' club of Mayotte