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      Maputo, Mozambique

      Heading to Durban, Energy Observer had to make an unscheduled stopover... in Mozambique! Offshore, 5-meter high waves and force 8 winds threatened our safety. The captain thus decided to take shelter to protect the crew and the boat.

      Coming from: Mayotte, France

      Weather conditions: Sunny

      Time of arrival: 12:00 AM

      Hydrogen storage level:
      Marin Jarry, captain of Energy Observer

      Mozambique's capital, Maputo, which is used to receiving cargo ships, offered us a warm welcome and allowed us to stay at anchor opposite the Maputo-Catembe suspension bridge!

      Energy Observer's arrival in Maputo

      Back on shore

      At the end of an 11-day sail from Mayotte, the crew set foot ashore for a weekend and discovered the local heritage of this former Portuguese colony. We were also able to welcome on board a team from the Port of Maputo, AMER, the Mozambican Renewable Energy Association, and the French Embassy!

      • Visit of the French Embassy on board in Maputo
      • Visit of the French Embassy on board in Maputo
      • Energy Observer's crew in Maputo
      • Visit of the French Embassy on board in Maputo

      A world tour (almost) completed!

      “5 years to the day after we arrived in Tel Aviv, the most easterly point reached by our vessel on her Mediterranean tour, we've come full circle! 90,000 km further on, with over 140 million propeller revolutions powered by the sun and hydrogen, and pushed by the winds. But it's not yet time to head back to our home port as we continue our Odyssey and keep testing our onboard technologies, pushing them to the limit.”

      Marin Jarry, captain of Energy Observer
      Sunset in Mozambique

      Heading to Cape Town!

      After 2 days, Energy Observer takes advantage of a short lull to head for Cape Town. This navigation will prove tricky, as we'll have to juggle the depressions of the region's austral winter!

      Energy Observer in Cape Town from June 12 to 20