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      Mahe, Seychelles

      After 1800 nautical miles sailed from India, our laboratory vessel dropped anchor in the Seychelles archipelago for its 76th stopover.

      Coming from: Kochi, India

      Weather conditions: Rain

      Time of arrival: 12:00 AM

      Travelled distance: 1800 nautical miles

      Hydrogen storage level:
      Energy Observer in the Seychelles archipelago

      An unstable journey

      It took 17 days of navigation for our laboratory vessel to reach the Seychelles archipelago. This crossing did not go easy on our crew, who had to face unstable weather conditions.

      This navigation was marked by the passage of the Doldrums, also known as the Intertropical Convergence Zone. This location is known by all sailors for its meteorological instability.

      Conditions that made it difficult for our captain to anticipate the different navigation scenarios, even though, in the end, our laboratory vessel and crew arrived safe and sound at their destination!

      A necessary technical stopover

      2022 has been a trying one for all our technical systems, which have endured hot temperatures, turbulent waters, and less conducive weather to performance. Our odyssey's 76th stopover will therefore start with a necessary technical stopover.

      Replacement of solar panels onboard

      Our laboratory vessel will stay based in the archipelago for the time to carry out the required work on the onboard hydrogen system and the change of the last photovoltaic panels.

      The storm shall pass

      Energy Observer arriving in the Seychelles

      For security reasons, our crew and our vessel must wait until the end of the cyclone season to sail again toward Tanzania, Madagascar, and South Africa!