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      Loctudy, France

      Our crew is waiting for a weather window to finally open on the Bay of Biscay to allow us to sail south. Departure planned in a few days!

      Coming from: Saint-Malo, France

      Weather conditions: Rain

      Time of arrival: 4:00 AM

      Hydrogen storage level:
      Picture of fishnets

      A hectic arrival

      These few days in Loctudy allow Roland, our onboard engineer, to carry out improvements on our port Oceanwings®, which has encountered a few difficulties since our departure from Saint-Malo.

      Passionate sea lovers

      Seasoned sailor and founder of Elemen'Terre, Marie Tabarly tells us about her project that is particularly close to our hearts: a circumnavigation of the world aboard the famous boat Pen-Duick-VI.

      Ready for the crossing of the Bay of Biscay

      The crossing of the Bay of Biscay, a stage that the whole crew was looking forward to! It is also David Champion's first navigation aboard Energy Observer, who has joined the adventure as a boastwain.