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      Malta, Valletta

      Energy Observer stopped in Malta, the fifth port of call in its world tour. The archipelago is currently engaged in an ambitious sustainable development program which aims to preserve its water resources, better manage its waste, and preserve its biodiversity.

      Coming from: Tunis, Tunisia

      Time of arrival: 10:00 AM

      Energy Observer sails against Malta

      Malta, on the path of the 2030 agenda of sustainable development

      After its berthing in Tunisia, Energy Observer visited the island of Malta. This stopover was dedicated to filming its Web series: Odyssey for the Future. The Malta archipelago is seriously affected by the consequences of climate change (drought, torrential rain, seasonal disruption) and also by anthropogenic pollution. Its high population-growth rate has led to the destruction of ecosystems, increased water stress due to the absence of local water resources, and intense levels of air pollution generated by highly concentrated road traffic. Since joining the European Union in 2004, Malta launched, in 2015, an environmental protection plan to catch up with the rest of Europe: it specifically targets a more sustainable management of water resources, the preservation and restoration of ecosystems, as well as improved health and well-being among the inhabitants. In July 2018, Malta will present to the UN the first results of its ambitious policy to implement sustainable development objectives. The stakes are high for the archipelago: Malta welcomes 2 million tourists a year (for 460 000 inhabitants), and remains one of the best diving destinations thanks to the diversity of its marine ecosystems. Energy Observer stopped in Malta to learn more about the initiatives that have been put in place.

      A new stopover to bring together local initiatives and prominent figures dedicated to ecological transition

      – The Bahrija Oasis permaculture project, founded in 2003 by Peppi Gauci after his return from a trip to Australia, is a pioneer of agro-ecology in Malta. The project has succeeded in transforming 6 hectares of abandoned farm land unsuitable for agriculture, into a permaculture plot where vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants grow all year round. This activity regenerates soil depleted by monoculture, helps to restore ecosystems, enriches biodiversity, and saves water. The oasis also created a circular local economy by getting local stakeholders involved. It directly supplies local inhabitants and restaurants according to the season. This agro-ecological system is perfectly adapted to remote, island areas because it allows for genuine food autonomy and thereby reduces human impact on the planet.

      BeeAware is a course developed in Malta by Friends of the Earth that provides training in beekeeping and the protection of bees. The first traces of beekeeping in the Mediterranean date back 9000 years: the Romans even called the island “Melita”, meaning “honey” in Latin. Beekeeping is closely linked to the history of the island and is a real part of its cultural heritage. Threatened worldwide by the use of pesticides, and on a local level by residents who have adopted the practice of destroying colonies when they are swarming in the spring, it is imperative that bees are protected on this island, and indeed elsewhere in the world. The aim of this project is to make the Maltese people aware that bees play an essential role for both the agriculture and biodiversity of the island. It offers them the keys to raise bees and thus contribute towards maintaining a healthy population, while also protecting their environment.

      After Corsica and Sardinia, the vessel stopped in Tunisia, its first African port, then in Malta, from which it set off on Friday, 4 May, to reach Crete on Tuesday, 8 May.


      Bee Aware about the plight of the bumblebee

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      BeeAware is raising awareness among the population of Malta about the plight of bees and their benefits for mankind by educating them about their preservation and apiculture. It is a crucial campaign at a time when bees are under threat on a planetary scale.