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      Ithaca, Greece

      Energy Observer made a brief stopover in Ithaca, Greece, on Monday, June 25.

      Coming from: Athènes, Grèce

      Time of arrival: 7:30 AM

      Energy Observer sails along the Island

      Better known as the island of Ulysses, Ithaca is a symbolic location in Greek mythology. After the end of the Trojan War, the hero Ulysses embarked on an epic ten year journey home to Ithaca, to be reunited with his wife, Penelope. A precarious trip, which the poet Homer called “The Odyssey”.

      A stop that is even more meaningful for Energy Observer, which is currently on a 6-year Odyssey, including 50 countries and 101 stopovers around the world. An expedition currently being filmed by Jerome Delafosse, Expedition leader, and his team, as part of the documentary series Odyssey for the Future, whose first episodes will be broadcast soon on Planete+ (Canal+ Group).

      • Energy Observer sails in the bay of a city with the mountain behind it