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      Gulf of Gonâve, Haiti

      In the Gulf of Gonâve, off the coast of Haiti, the effects of climate change are multiple. In this fishing village on a sandbank, violent hurricanes regularly sweep away makeshift houses, endangering people already weakened by a difficult situation. Striking images captured by our crew.

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      143 millions : this is the number of people who could become climate refugees over the next few decades according to a report by the World Bank. The consequences of climate change, such as crop failures, water shortages and rising sea levels, could throw millions of people onto the roads in search of a better environment.

      Haiti, which has one of the lowest Human Development Indices in the world, is one of those countries already weakened by the effects of climate change. These challenges are driven by the Sustainable Development Goals, the interconnection of which is essential to provide sustainable solutions.

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      Climate castaways

      Haiti's coastline is highly vulnerable to climate change, as ocean dilation and ice melting cause sea levels to rise. The oceans are rising at a rate of 3.4 mm per year, and around the globe, sea levels have risen by 20 cm since 1880, and are expected to rise by 122 cm by 2100 if nothing is done.

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      🇬🇧 ON BOARD I Thunderstorm at sea, always feared by sailors, all the more so when sailing with 12-metre Oceanwings® on board! An impressive picture from our onboard director @fitzgeraldjego . Spoiler alert: the crew did very well!
      🇫🇷 ON BOARD I Les orages en mer, depuis toujours redoutés par les marins d'autant plus lorsque l'on navigue avec des Oceanwings® de 12 mètres d'envergure à bord ! Un cliché impressionant de notre réalisateur embarqué @fitzgeraldjego Spoiler alert : l'équipage s'en est très bien sorti !
      📷 @fitzgeraldjego
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