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      Cousteau Reserve, Guadeloupe

      The crew discovers Cousteau in a somewhat "stony" way, but still clinging to his cap. A dive like a nod to Calypso's odysseys.

      Coming from: Île Fourchue, Saint-Barthélemy

      Time of arrival: 4:00 PM

      Pilot whales on the horizon!

      In a sea exceptionally empty of boats, our ship crossed the path of a group of 4 pilot whales. These animals use many sounds to communicate with each other. Each individual develops a vocal repertoire of calls with its own signature to identify itself.

      We often submerge a hydrophone at the stern of the ship. The ship's engines only emit 1khz. Marine mammals transmit messages to each other on frequencies ranging from 4 to 24 khz. Reassured by the silence of the boat, they almost come close to the hull, to the delight of the entire crew. To live happily, let's live a little quieter.

      A woman scientist uses a hydrophone
      Instagram media post

      🎧 Does the world of silence belong to the past? Behind the apparent calm of underwater images, there is a harsh reality: that of noise pollution, a direct consequence of human activities (transport, offshore drilling, etc.) and a scourge for marine ecosystems.

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