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      Boston, USA

      Energy Observer was recently in Boston, Massachusetts, the 89th stop on its round-the-world voyage and the last stop on its American tour.
      Our stopover took place from May 1 to 5, 2024, right in the center of Boston! After Fort Lauderdale, Washington and New York, Energy Observer docked not far from some of America's top universities, and welcomed media and partners on board.

      Coming from: New York, USA

      Weather conditions: Cloudy

      Time of arrival: 10:00 AM

      Land temperature: 12

      Travelled distance: 340 km

      Water temperature: 8

      Hydrogen storage level:

      Energy Observer at the MIT!

      Spread over 2 km2 around Kendall Square are the 5 schools and the new MIT College of Computing, as well as over 1,000 start-ups. These places have seen the birth of innovations that have changed the course of history, from radar during the Second World War to Moderna and its vaccine.

      🌎 Today, technologies to fight the causes and consequences of global warming are a major focus of research at MIT. In particular, they are developing nuclear fusion, a promising technology for the production of low-carbon electricity.


      Energy Observer continues to speak loud and clear


      The local press also covered the laboratory vessel, including the Boston Globe, with a detailed report highlighting the Energy Observer's revolutionary potential for renewable energies.

      This media coverage reflects the growing importance of rethinking our approach to energy and the environment, and Energy Observer is positioning herself as an inspiring catalyst for this transition to a more sustainable future.

      How green is the U.S?

      In Boston, the final stop on her American tour, we had the opportunity to take a closer look at the U.S. energy mix and ask questions about its future.

      Between gigantic consumption, the shale oil revolution, the boom in renewable energies and investments in hydrogen, the American energy model stands out for its audacity and diversity.

      Meet Agathe Roullin, our on-board journalist, as she draws up a clear picture of the country's energy profile, highlighting the challenges and prospects of this global energy superpower.