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      Antwerp, Belgium

      Energy Observer was moored near the Noordkasteel basin, under the spectacular building designed by Zaha Hadid, which houses the harbour master’s office of one of Europe’s leading commercial ports.

      Coming from: Saint-Malo, France

      Time of arrival: 10:00 AM

      Energy Observer arriving in Antwerp

      A call to discover the major issues of a world-class port and understand how it addresses energy and climate challenges and allies itself with future solutions by leveraging its position, location and systems. Indeed, the port has been testing new energy sources for several years now, such as hydrogen produced by Antwerp Chemistry, the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe. Under the banner “Watt’s Next“, the Port of Antwerp has offered a nine-day exhibition explaining these subjects of transformation.

      Victorien looking at Antwerp from the boat

      Our exhibition village

      The Energy Observer village of more than 200 m2 has presented the ship’s technologies and the adventures already carried out by the crew, since Saint-Malo in June 2017. Virtual reality, 360° mapping and interactive exhibition, this space was entirely free and dedicated to the Odyssey for the future.

      • Picture of the EO village in Antwerp
      • Picture of the EO exhibition in Antwerp
      • Picture of the EO exhibition in Antwerp
      Instagram media post

      Goeiendag Antwerpen! Energy Observer has stopped over in the second biggest European port for its first stopover of its Northern Europe odyssey. Come and discover how we can revolutionise maritime transport thanks to hydrogen, renewable energy and technological innovations in our travelling exhibition.

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      Bigh Farm, the countryside meets the city

      This is part of Energy Observer Solutions, the platform for pioneers committed to transforming the world. To learn more, please visit our dedicated website.

      Discover Energy Observer Solutions

      For Steven Beckers, food production in the city is the solution rather than the problem. At the heart of Brussels, on a rooftop of the Foodmet food hall spanning 4,000m², he has set up an ultra-modern farm that operates on the principle of aquaponics, a process that actually dates back to the Aztecs and ancient China.

      Host Partners

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