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      Ålesund, Norway

      The descent along the Norwegian fjords was no easy task for the crew. Energy Observer had to face 50 knot headwinds and a solar production divided by 4: an experience that was nevertheless very enriching and full of lessons, as Jean-Baptiste, our second in command, could testify.

      Coming from: Bodø, Norway

      Time of arrival: 5:00 PM

      Drone view of Energy Observer in Ålesund, Norway, with small houses

      During our stopover, the crew was able to discover the island of Runde, near Ålesund, which has 150 inhabitants all year round. But from February to August, during the nesting season, the island’s cliffs are covered by more than 80 different bird species, a total of about 500,000 birds. It is one of the largest protected natural reserves in Norway.

      Runde, the island of 500 000 birds

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      Do you know the white-tailed eagle? With a wingspan of up to 2m40, it is the largest bird of prey in Northern Europe! First persecuted and then protected in Norway since 1968, the population has since grown and expanded. In 2016, 2000 to 3000 pairs were recorded in Norway during the breeding season, i.e. a quarter of the European population! We were lucky enough to see them around Bodø and Runde Island, as the boat continues to sail south along the Norwegian coast.

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