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Wind turbines to produce green hydrogen

The Puglia region, in Mistral wind country, produces more wind energy than any other region in Italy. A quarter of Italy’s wind farms are located there and produce 4359 GWh, or one fourth of Italy’s wind energy production.

Leader of the Wind Energy for Bari Project

The economic crisis that has been going on for almost 10 years, has been detrimental to the electrical grid. In Puglia, a very rural and marginalized region, 40% of wind power is lost. This shortfall is called Mancata producion aeolica (Lack of wind generation) and interests many researchers in the energy sector.

Picture : Bari, Italy

The Energy Observer team went to meet Prof. Nicola Conenna who has been working on this subject for three years now. To recuperate the region’s MPA, she plans to install a green hydrogen-production plant that would provide the industry with H2.

The Accadueaccadia project (which means H2 in Italian) foresees using the energy currently produced by the wind farms in northern Puglia,” explains Professor Nicola Conenna, physicist, expert in hydrogen. ”All the conditions are present to establish one of the largest hydrogen production programs in Europe.

This project plans to utilize the four wind farms around the mountainous city of Accadia, where a hydrogen manufacturing and distribution station will be installed. This project, currently in the development stage, will benefit both the local community and the planet.

Wind Trrbines in Bari