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The Innovations

A warm welcome to the Energy Observer laboratory, where engineers, researchers and scientists are developing innovations, which will make renewable energies a reality for all.

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Our latest news

    1. Porto, Portugal The Innovations
      Two men are discussing

      Noocity: a balcony vegetable garden

      Imagine vegetable gardens on every balcony and rooftop in every town and city! This is the extraordinary feat of three friends who founded Noocity in 2015, an initiative to bring back agriculture to the heart of Porto, and to all the world’s towns and cities.
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    2. Siena, IT The Innovations
      Membre du Maestrale Project Italy

      Preparing the Mediterranean for renewable energy

      Despite strong potential, the production of renewable energy in the Mediterranean is still lagging far behind the Northern seas. To develop this energy of the future, Maestrale, an international project, is currently assessing the “Middle Sea” in order to develop blue energy: clean energy produced by the sea.
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