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The Innovations

A warm welcome to the Energy Observer laboratory, where engineers, researchers and scientists are developing innovations, which will make renewable energies a reality for all.

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Our latest news

    1. North Sea The Innovations

      The electric consumption of the life on board

      Do you know how much energy is consumed for a coffee? A tea? Preparing a pizza for 6 people? We tend to forget it, but each gesture of daily life, however simple it may be, requires energy, and often much more than we think!
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    2. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Picture of a EO member in front of the EMS

      The EMS: Energy management system

      This is the brain of the vessel’s energy supply. Combining multiple intermittent renewable energy sources and storage is one thing. Optimising their use to propel the boat and ensure the crew’s comfort is another! This is where the Energy Management System (EMS) comes in.
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    3. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Energy Observer's electric motors

      Energy Observer propulsion

      Energy Observer is propelled by two electric motors, each with 42kW, providing a total of 115 horsepower. The motors, designed by Phase Automation, have very high output (97%), which also contributes to reducing the boat’s energy requirements.
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    4. Monaco, Monaco The Innovations
      A 3D visual representing a car stopping at a hydrogen station

      Energy Observer Developments: from expedition to H2 solutions

      During the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge, Energy Observer announces the launch of Energy Observer Developments. The ambition of this new phase of the project is to propose disruptive, innovative, optimized and accessible solutions to various maritime and port communities.
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    5. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      The interior of the central gondola with the kitchen on the left, the monitoring in the middle and the workspace on the right

      Another step forward in 2019: thermal storage

      To avoid losing the energy dissipated as heat, the Energy Observer engineers installed a recovery system for the heating and hot water used in the living quarters nacelle.
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    6. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations

      Double battery and hydrogen storage of Energy Observer

      Energy Observer chose complementary storage systems: short-term storage in a set of Li-Ion batteries, and eight hydrogen tanks for long-term storage.
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    7. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      The Energy Observer compressor

      The hydrogen chain step 3: The Energy Observer compression

      Hydrogen has a very high energy content: for the same weight, it contains up to three times more energy than diesel, and 2.5 times more than natural gas. That said, we know how to store natural gas in tanks or pipelines. Storing hydrogen is more difficult.
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    8. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Picture of the electrolyser

      The hydrogen chain step 2 : the Energy Observer electrolyser

      Currently, 95% of the world’s hydrogen supply is from fossil fuel, through a reforming process using methane, the main component of natural gas. Electrolysis using a renewable energy source is a solution for the future use of green hydrogen on a large scale.
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    9. Saint-Malo, FR The Innovations
      Picture of the Energy Observer onboard technologies (watermaker)

      The hydrogen chain step 1: the Energy Observer watermaker

      The Energy Observer is equipped with a reverse-osmosis desalination system with several levels. When two volumes of water – one salty and the other not – are put together, natural movement is created: the fresh water is attracted to the salty water.
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    10. Amsterdam, Netherlands The Innovations

      Energy Observer integrates a new technology: two Oceanwings®!

      The 18th of April was an expected and important day for Energy Observer, which has equipped itself with a new technological brick for wind propulsion: two Oceanwings®, rotating, self-supporting and 100% automated, which will increase the vessel’s speed and produce hydrogen during navigation by sea water electrolysis.
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    11. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      Photo of drone taken from the top of the boat crossing the Corinth Canal

      ‘Haute Couture’ solar panels for Energy Observer

      Energy Observer has been examined with a fine-tooth comb. Every nook of its decks, floats and infrastructure is now fitted with custom photovoltaic panels. A technical conundrum for Hugo Devedeux, on-board engineer who is in charge of the solar component of the experimental catamaran optimization project.
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    12. Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
      The CEA-Liten fuel cell

      The Energy Observer Fuel Cell

      The fuel cell is the centrepiece of the hydrogen chain. It converts the hydrogen into electricity by reversing the electrolysis process. The system on Energy Observer was tailor-made by CEA-Liten engineers and provides 20 kW of pure electric power.
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