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New solar panels for Energy Observer

The solar panel park has also undergone a revamp with the exploitation of numerous surfaces, even reduced ones.

In this way, 36.8m² have been added to the existing 165m² for 5.6Kw of additional power and a total surface area of 202m². As a result, the maximum power will be 34kWp (we have doubled this power since 2017).

  • people are measuring solar panels...
  • A man stands in front of solar panels
  • Energy Observer sails in Saint-Malo waters
  • The hydrogen chimney of Energy Observer with an hydrogen adhesive

Vertical panels, at times using screenprinting, will be precisely monitored. Here too, if their use reveals an output coherent with their design, numerous applications will be possible. The ability to cover walls and entire facades with solar panels, the whole ensemble invisible thanks to the complete screen-printing of these surfaces, would increase the use of solar energy exponentially.

  • Screen-printed panels with the logo of Thélem assurances
  • Screen-printed panels with the Accor Logo
  • Solar panels screen-printed with the Delanchy Transport logo
  • Solar panels screen-printed with the ENGIE logo

Since the start of the project, these solar developments have been carried out with Solbian, which markets the solar panels trialled on Energy Observer.