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First public hydrogen station opening at the Paris-Orly airport

Zero greenhouse gases, zero particles and zero noise, here are the advantages of hydrogen when it is used with a fuel cell in transport sector. The use of this chemical element represents a concrete response to overcome local pollution in urban areas, as the French capital, Paris.

Picture of the  Air Liquide Orly's H2 station

This station is the second one to open in the French capital, the first one is currently situated near Pont de l’Alma. By opening this new station, Air Liquide and Groupe ADP attest that it is possible, nowadays, to create clean transportation.

This inauguration follows also the opening of the world’s first ever taxi fleet powered by hydrogen, « Hype », launched by the start-up STEP (Société du Taxi Électrique Parisien) in partnership with Air Liquide. This fleet had, by the way, escorted Energy Observer during its inaugural stopover in Paris, last July.

Picture of Energy Observer and Hype for clean mobility

“Present in the hydrogen sector for 50 years, Air Liquide is actively developing its energy applications today and is involved in the organization of this field, mostly through the Hydrogen Council. The installation of this charging station at the Orly Airport, in collaboration with Groupe ADP, marks a new step in the development of clean mobility in and around Paris. It also illustrates the maturity of technologies and the mobilization of a growing number of players in promoting hydrogen energy. Indeed, this molecule has a key role to play in the energy transition thanks to its capacity to store renewable energies and its various applications for industry and transport.”

Benoît Potier, Chairman and CEO of Air Liquide

And its only the beginning!

Air Liquide will continue to support the growth of this offer by opening new hydrogen charging stations around Paris, in 2018. One will be at Versailles and the second one at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. This expansion will support the expansion of the current Hype taxi fleet, currently of 50 vehicles, including 3 Toyota Mirai. Nicolas Gardiès, President of the first Parisian ecological taxi fleet, announced 600 vehicles by 2020.

Instagram media post

Energy Observer arriving in #Paris, for its inauguration and its very first #stopover

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“We are delighted to see the opening of this first public hydrogen charging station located at an airport. It is a symbol for the implementation, in the future, of hydrogen in urban areas. This opening corroborates with our shared desire, with the Air Liquide Group, to demonstrate that hydrogen is the solution for the energy transition and fight against air pollution.”

Victorien Erussard, President, captain and founder