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The first hydrogen vessel explores clean mobility in Venice

As it makes its way around the world and thanks to the first hydrogen vessel’s stopover in Venice, local stakeholders on clean transport gathered at the center of Energy Observer village. The purpose of this discussion: to show and demonstrate the relevance of electric mobility in a city like Venice. Particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, the city of the Doges is battling pollution from boats, a rising sea level and endangered biodiversity.

Victorien in Venice

This meeting, initiated by Alberto Sonino, Administrator of the marina de Certosa and Victorien Erussard, founder and captain of Energy Observer, brought together public and private bodies of maritime transport in Venice: CORILA and ISMAR-CNR, Padoue University, AVM/ACTV group, R.I.Na, and Energy Observer partners Engie, Delanchy and Air Liquide. Representatives of NGOs were also present demonstrating how Venetian civil society is addressing these challenges.

Making Venice an example for clean mobility

Stakeholders involved gathered to present their work, projects and experiences, as well as their vision and expectations regarding clean mobility in the heart of the lagoon.

“Venice is a symbolic place to discuss the future of maritime transport. Here, more than anywhere, the challenges on protecting the environment, biodiversity and health of its inhabitants are obvious. Energy Observer is an experimental vessel that paves the way for practical applications, both at sea and on land. An experience that Energy Observer shares with the industry and port stakeholders everywhere in this world, proving that these technologies are ready for use. The next step will be to provide the momentum to develop these revolutionary solutions.”

Victorien Erussard, President, captain and founder

“I am delighted to see that all local stakeholders have responded to the invitation and shared their experiences and work. The thorough presentation of Energy Observer technologies is very inspiring for future concrete applications in favour of clean mobility in Venice. Energy Observer is proof that technologies exist; now we need appropriate regulations and the drive to develop these in protected areas such as the lagoon: the market will follow! As a stakeholder participating in the sustainable redevelopment of Certosa, I am delighted that this round table confirms that the island serves as a reference for yachting and clean mobility.”

Alberto Sonino, Administrator of the Certosa Marina
Energy Obsserver exhibition in Venice

“We have to protect the fauna and flora which are unable to adapt to this environment that is changing continuously. The electrical propulsion technique is not only a good option for improving air quality, it also allows more efficient travel, a better management of vessels, with lower maintenance costs and greater comfort for travelers, while reducing our CO2 emissions. It’s the right moment to begin thinking about the future and we must work together to accomplish it, we need to start now.”