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Energy Observer Developments: from expedition to H2 solutions

During the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge, Energy Observer, the first hydrogen vessel around the world, announces the launch of Energy Observer Developments. The ambition of this new phase of the project is to propose disruptive, innovative, optimized and accessible solutions to various maritime and port communities.

A 3D visual representing a car stopping at a hydrogen station

Energy Observer Developments and its partners are positioning themselves as a European leader capable of designing, assembling and distributing zero-emission energy systems on an industrial scale. China, Japan, Korea, California, and the whole of Scandinavia are announcing massive investments in the deployment of clean hydrogen, and Energy Observer Developments wants to make an operational contribution to this energy revolution.

Development, the obvious follow-on from experimentation

The development of Energy Observer’s innovations is the logical and coherent follow-on from this unique project, which is based on two fundamental principles: to innovate and to communicate. After the experimentation period and world firsts (on-board electrolyser), comes the time for innovation, putting into practice and then developing real hydrogen solutions that are accessible to the greatest number of people.

Energy Observer continues its journey as a leading French ambassador for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a revealer of technological pioneers, and will continue its on-board experiments around the globe now more than ever. However, a number of its engineers, joined by top specialists and a solid core of industrial and financial partners, will now also work on its development.

“Innovation only makes sense if it is disseminated, the most remarkable of inventions is only of interest if it is shared.”

Energy Observer Developments image

The Energy Observer Developments team

R&D engineers, ocean racing champions and merchant marine engineers: this clever mix of curiosity and experimentation, of thirst for performance and marine common sense is necessary because you cannot cheat with the environment. This is the key to great ventures, passionate and complementary teams, solid and motivated financial and industrial partners, to actively boost the energy transition.

The three solutions of Energy Observer Developments

Energy Observer Developments is an expert in the deployment of carbon-free hydrogen ecosystems in all types of territories. An optimized model, creating the appropriate connection between local producers and land and sea consumers.

Three complementary solutions will be proposed:

  • The Eco-systems H₂ 360:

360 stations in coastal and port areas that meet the needs of maritime and land transport while pooling hydrogen consumption, with Energy Observer’s expertise in corrosion, ventilation and hydrogen management in intense weather conditions.

  • Energy Designer, the design office for renewable energy mix:

Thanks to the numerous solar, wind, hydrogenation and flow sharing experiments developed on Energy Observer, the team’s engineers have unique experience in field innovation and the mix of available energies according to the challenges and different applications.

  • GEH₂, the new generation hydrogen generator set:

It is the combination of the best skills in maritime propulsion and energy storage in difficult environments. The objective is to make reliable, assemble and distribute a hydrogen generator that can replace diesel generators, with particular attention to urgent maritime needs. This new product will have to offer a clean, but also accessible and competitive alternative to internal combustion engines, the use of which will eventually be restricted or prohibited in many maritime or inland waterway areas.

A simulation of a hydrogen station

These three activities are, as is often the case with Energy Observer, interdependent and complementary, calling on the best specialists united in a common objective: to provide accessible and realistic energy solutions today to the greatest number.

Thus, Energy Observer gives a precise meaning and a real societal dimension to its commitment as a pioneer and ambassador of hydrogen and renewable energies. From a pure technological demonstrator to a committed economic player, the milestone has been reached!

More information on the Energy Observer Developments website.