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Energy balance from San Francisco to Hawaii

The weather conditions were quite challenging for the beginning of our very first transpacific!

As soon as we left the San Francisco Bay, the navigation started with a lot of wind and a swell up to 5 meters, which caused some damage especially on the bi-facial photovoltaic panels.

Long sunless days followed, punctuated by an oscillating wind during most of the crossing, before concluding with sunny but windless weather the few days before reaching Hawaii.

Hydrogen, our best ally for long navigations

Hydrogen fully fulfilled its role as an autonomy extender to compensate the difficult weather conditions. The tanks were almost empty when approaching Kanehoe (respectively 3% and 5% in the two hydrogen tanks).

The hydrogen produced on board counted for 18% of the energy mix, and almost 100% of the hydrogen was consumed during this crossing, which is rare enough to underline.

Story of a moving navigation

"A courageous and motivated crew": Marin Jarry, captain of this crossing, is full of praise for the crew who held the helm and the wind in all circumstances during 15 days!

A navigation they we will remember for a long time as we can see in video.