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Delanchy unveils an all-electric truck

Groupe Delanchy, which specializes in controlled-temperature transports and is one of Energy Observer’s major partners, joined forces with Renault Trucks to develop this 100% electric vehicle – a close collaboration with the manufacturer that has lasted for almost 50 years.

Picture of Delanchy's electric truck

In the past few years, they have developed a common desire to look towards the future while developing new technologies that respect the environment.

That is how the prototype of this zero-emission goods truck was born, which particularity lies in its type of all-electric power. Equipped with a Chereau controlled-temperature body, the power for the Carrier refrigeration unit and the delivery tailgate is supplied directly via the traction batteries – a first for this type of vehicle.

Used under real operating conditions, this prototype will deliver seafood and fresh products to the Lyon-Paul Bocuse indoor market, which was the scene of the official delivery of the keys to Groupe Delanchy last 10th of November.

“The arrival of this new, 100% electric truck is a great satisfaction for us for several reasons. This “zero emissions” truck is a first step towards new technologies that are changing very rapidly. We will know how to evolve with them as we have always done.”

Joseph Delanchy, President of Groupe Delanchy

By producing no polluting emissions, this all-new vehicle will preserve the quality of the air while reducing congestion in the city centre, but also preserve the space in which the operators work.


This initiative testifies of the group’s commitment to the energy transition and its determination to be a player in the field of clean mobility.

Already committed alongside Energy Observer as a major partner, Groupe Delanchy also ensures the transport of the Energy Observer itinerant village in its additional role of logistics partner.

“With this first truck, Groupe Delanchy are opening the path to clean mobility in their field, which makes us very proud to have them as partners. It is a company that is fully aware of their impact on the planet. Rather than sticking their head in the sand, they have decided to tackle the problem and provide solutions.”