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European Maritime Day: towards a blue economy!

The oceans cover 70% of the surface of our planet. And some say they are in great danger. Others continue to believe that they can help us meet the challenges facing humanity today.

A level that is rising. Pollution by plastics is becoming more and more important. Species that are disappearing. The ocean is suffering. And with it, several billion people who rely more or less directly on its biodiversity to provide for their needs. The United Nations, moreover, is not mistaken. Their sustainable development objectives include conserving marine resources and exploiting them in a sustainable manner.

European leaders have understood the message. On the occasion of the European Maritime Day, celebrated on Monday 20 May 2019, more than 1,400 people gathered in Lisbon (Portugal) to discuss a central theme: the blue economy. “Coastal regions are home to 214 million people and generate 43% of the European Union’s GDP. The blue economy plays a key role as a growing sector, offering opportunities in both established sectors such as tourism and shipbuilding, but also in emerging areas such as the blue bio-economy and, of course, ocean energy,” said Commissioner for Environment Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, Karmenu Vella on the occasion.

A drone picture of wind turbines at sea near Aberdeen, Scotland

Because the specialists are convinced. Tomorrow, the ocean will play an essential role in the energy landscape of a carbon-free Europe. Tidal energy, wave energy, hydroelectric energy, sea thermal energy, algal biomass, energy related to the salinity gradient or solar energy at sea. The potential is immense. And in its odyssey around the world, let’s bet that the Energy Observer crew will meet some pioneers for whom this future is already being combined in the present.