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Thélem assurances


Thélem assurances, one of the leading mutual insurance companies in France, already a partner of Victorien Erussard on the Défi Voile Solidaires en Peloton, has decided to support the navigator from the very beginning in the Energy Observer project, with the aim of involving its employees and customers in its odyssey.

Energy Observer symbolizes Thélem assurances’ strong orientations, in particular regarding innovation at the service of its customers or the company’s commitment to environmental protection. Imagining new solutions today, in order to preserve future generations, is a citizen-centred approach that is at the heart of the mutual insurer’s business. A true human adventure drawing its energy from sharing, Energy Observer combines innovation, performance and social and environmental responsibility and resonates with Thélem assurances’ concerns in the searchfor new solutions to transform the company at the service of its members.

Daniel Antoni, Managing Director of Thélem assurances with Victorien Erussard and Jérôme Delafosse

“This boat symbolizes confidence in the future, in a lucid way of course, in order to act and build solutions that mobilize and bring teams together. We are convinced that a company must sometimes commit itself to causes greater than itself because it is a very powerful engine of openness to learning and also of pride in belonging. Thélem assurances is a very human company and we need to set ourselves ambitious challenges, in line with our values, to transform ourselves and meet the expectations of our policyholders in a sustainable way.”

Daniel Antoni, Managing Director of Thélem assurances
  • A Thélem assurances delegation onboard Energy Observer in Paris in 2017
  • A delegation of Thélem assurances visiting the Energy Observer village with Jérôme Delafosse in Paris in 2017
  • A Thélem assurances delegation visits the Energy Observer village in Paris in 2017
  • A Thélem assurances delegation uses VR in the Energy Observer village in Paris in 2017


With nearly 200 years of existence at the service of its members, Thélem assurances owes its longevity to its permanent ability to reinvent itself. With its signature «Thélem assurances innovates for you», it expresses its commitment to developing its business and providing new insurance solutions that support its policyholders. The relationship with its members is based on knowledge of their needs, the quality of its contracts and the respect of its commitments. The Thélem assurances group provides personal, property and liability insurance for individuals and professionals. Its services are accessible through digital and physical distribution channels, including 270branches in 50 departments and more than 300 partner brokers, covering almost the entire country.

Thélem assurances is also a supplier of insurance offers and services for distribution partners. The company generated a turnover of nearly €355 million in 2018, corresponding to a portfolio of more than one million contracts and 478,000 members. Its head office is based in Chécy, in the Loiret region.