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Energy Observer’s technological and human challenge echoes CCR’s economic and scientific ambitions, as a public reinsurer: provide the French population with comprehensive access to insurance coverage against natural disaster risks and thanks to its cutting-edge technical expertise, further the study and prevention of climate change effects. As a private reinsurer, CCR Re also covers natural disaster risks providing market solutions to insurance companies throughout the world.

CCR and Energy Observer teams stand on the solar panels, on board

“We are very proud to support the Energy Observer Odyssey and equally keen to invent and disseminate concrete solutions to contain its impact, in marine shipping in particular. From this perspective, the exceptional journey on which Victorien Erussard and Jérôme Delafosse embarked is exemplary, in that it highlights the collective know-how of French scientists, insurers and sailors for this cause that we hold dearly to heart !”

Pierre Blayau, Chairman of CCR


CCR, a French state-owned reinsurance group, ranks amongst the top 25 international reinsurance players. Through the “Natural Disaster” compensation scheme backed by the State’s guarantee and working in the general interest, it provides the French market with coverage against natural disasters and other exceptional risks.

In accordance with the Natural Disaster compensation scheme established in France in 1982, CCR is accredited to deliver, upon request of the insurer, unlimited state-guaranteed reinsurance coverage against natural disasters occurring in France.

Thus, all insured parties – private individuals, businesses, local and regional authorities – have access to coverage against these risks whatever their exposure. Thanks to insurers’ and CCR concerted action, the scheme further guarantees a swift and prompt compensation for incurred losses whatever their scale.

Since January 1st, 2017, its subsidiary CCR Re, operates in Life, Non-Life and Specialty Lines in France and 80 countries worldwide. As a public and private reinsurer, the CCR Group invests in scientific research and prevention of climate change effects.