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Through expeditions and innovations, Energy Observer is exploring practical solutions whilst developing new technologies to accelerate ecological transition

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In the face of climate emergency, it is time to take action

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Aberdeen, UK 57°14.59'N 2°09.33'O The Odyssey
Drone picture of a cliff and rough sea near Abderdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

An opportunity for our crew to discover Scotland for the first time, known as a pioneer nation in the new energy sector.

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Ålesund, NO 62°46.95'N 6°15.35'E The Odyssey
Picture of Energy Observer in Ålesund, Norway

Ålesund, Norway

The descent along the Norwegian fjords was no easy task for the crew. Energy Observer had to face 50 knot headwinds and a solar production divided by 4: an experience that was nevertheless very enriching and full of lessons, as Jean-Baptiste, our second in command, could testify.

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North Sea The Innovations

The electric consumption of the life on board

Do you know how much energy is consumed for a coffee? A tea? Preparing a pizza for 6 people? We tend to forget it, but each gesture of daily life, however simple it may be, requires energy, and often much more than we think!
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Bodø, NO 67°28.23'N 14°37.28'E The Odyssey
Picture of Energy Observer in Bødo, Norway

Bodø, Norway

A stopover of barely four days, with a full agenda! The Energy Observer team participated in a few days’ event on hydrogen and renewable energies, in order to raise awareness in the local community of the challenges of the energy transition, and to consider possible solutions such as the energy mix developed on board.

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Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
Picture of a EO member in front of the EMS

The EMS: Energy management system

This is the brain of the vessel’s energy supply. Combining multiple intermittent renewable energy sources and storage is one thing. Optimising their use to propel the boat and ensure the crew’s comfort is another! This is where the Energy Management System (EMS) comes in.
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Spitsbergen citizens, at the forefront of climate change

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Tromsø, NO 69°64.71'N 18°95.93'E The Odyssey
View of Energy Observer at sea from far away

Tromsø, Norway

After sailing in extreme conditions to reach Spitsbergen, the return to the Norwegian coast was done in a calm and good mood for the whole crew.

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Saint-Malo, France The Innovations
Energy Observer's electric motors

Energy Observer propulsion

Energy Observer is propelled by two electric motors, each with 42kW, providing a total of 115 horsepower. The motors, designed by Phase Automation, have very high output (97%), which also contributes to reducing the boat’s energy requirements.
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Spitsbergen, NO 78°22.91'N 15°60.14'E The Odyssey
Energy Observer is sailing in front of a huge glacier

Spitsbergen, Norway

Energy Observer has arrived on the island of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard Archipelago at 78° north latitude, powered solely by renewable energies and hydrogen. A historic challenge and a world first!

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Longyearbyen, the fastest warming city on Earth

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Monaco, Monaco The Innovations
A 3D visual representing a car stopping at a hydrogen station

Energy Observer Developments: from expedition to H2 solutions

During the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge, Energy Observer announces the launch of Energy Observer Developments. The ambition of this new phase of the project is to propose disruptive, innovative, optimized and accessible solutions to various maritime and port communities.
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