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      Zadar, Croatia

      Energy Observer, stopped in Zadar, Croatia, on 3rd and 4th of July, the 24th.

      Coming from: Kotor, Montenegro

      Time of arrival: 6:00 PM

      Energy Observer runs along the city of Zadar surrounded by boats

      In the city of Zadar, in Croatia, the experimental vessel stopped for only two days. A chance for our crew to make the last adjustments aboard before reaching, on 6th of July, the first Mediterranean stopover where it will be accompanied by its new traveling exhibition: Venice, Italy.

      • Two people work on the solar panels
      • Two people work at the nets

      This stopover, although short, was an opportunity for our Odyssey for the Future film crew to seek out a group of stakeholders who are trying to solve local ecological problems by working together on a common project: the Green Harbor project. This encounter will soon be available on our networks.

      • Fish farms in Zadar
      • Jérôme diving in Zadar
      Instagram media post

      Tonight I shot that awesome & symbolic still of my dear adventure friend Victorien on the roof of Energy Observer off Zadar in Croatia

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      The Energy Observer’s team would like to thanks the city of Zadar and the Ministry of the Sea, who made this stopover possible.

      After recharging its batteries and hydrogen tanks, Energy Observer returns to sea, heading to Venice.

      Instagram media post

      🐬#EOmoments🐬 Off the coast of #Croatia, we had unexpected companions that joined our navigation. @jerome.delafosse couldn’t resist and dove to swim with them a moment

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